Experience The Healing Powers Of Waldhaus Flims Grand Hotel & Spa

A Wellness Guru Brings An Alpine Escape Back To Its Original Roots

Angelika Hartung

Spa & Activity Director, Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa

Angelika Hartung traveled the world picking up effective healing practices as far away as Malaysia and Dubai. She also studied Naturopathy, a form of medicine that incorporates ancient practices. Her skills were so vast and rare she could have taken them anywhere in the world. But as soon as she stepped foot at Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa, in a remote part of the Swiss Alps, she knew where her heart belonged. “It felt like another world opened up,” she said. “I Instantly knew that guests could unwind and recharge their batteries at this beautiful place, surrounded by forest and nature.”

Angelika Hartung, front right, spa and activity director at Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa.

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Explore This Mountain Retreat With Spa And Activity Director Angelika Hartung

From forest bathing to e-bike tours, Hartung plays the ultimate host, sharing her favorite indoor and outdoor actives around Flims.

Forest Bathing

Letting The Trees Heal Your Body And Soul

Forest bathing or shinrin yoku isn’t exactly what it sounds like. It doesn’t even involve water. Rather, this time-honored practice heals the body simply by being surrounded by nature. It’s an intentional walk through the forest where the sturdiness of the trees, the serenity of the birds, and the confidence of the mountain tops seep deep into the practitioner. The goal is to really focus on nature and let the inner feelings that overcome the body last for weeks, months, or even years. There are scientific studies saying they do. “There are so many beautiful walks through the forest which are ideal to do this,” said Hartung. The spa directs hotel guests to the ideal places.

The vast forests around the hotel are ideal for forest bathing.

Mountain Mingling

A Local Restaurant That Brings People Together

The Swiss Alps are known for having incredible food. Skiers or hikers will stumble upon a small bistro, tucked perfectly into the mountain side, that has incredible food prepared by passionate people. Other haunts are found on the main streets of small towns. One of these is Hartung’s favorite, Bistro Kaufmannfrauen (1 Il Stuz, Flims; +41-81-911-2632) in Flims. The family-run restaurant serves regional and housemade products. Locals head there for cakes in the morning and fresh salads in the afternoons. Homemade ice creams and lemonade make the perfect snack. It’s a place you’re sure to bump into fascinating people, both locals and those from abroad. “This is a place where people meet,” she said.

One of the many restaurants at Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa.

Smooth Riding

Powering Through The Mountains Without Leaving A Trace

For Hartung the best way to explore Flims is by e-bike. Rental shops in town lend them to visitors. Trails lead up mountain tops or down into valleys. There are ones that go deep into the forest, to overlooks that offer panoramic views, even to turquoise blue lakes perfect for bathing. The bikes have a silent, electric motor to get to hard to reach places with minimal effort. The hotel can help arrange rentals.

Turquoise blue lakes and soaring evergreens make for a scenic e-bike ride in Flims.

Cocktails With A Side Of History

Try Cocktails Invented In The Nineteenth Century

Chadafö Bar is the cocktail bar and cigar lounge in the Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa. It exudes elegance with velvet chairs, deep wooden bars, and a beamed ceiling. It’s the ideal place to unwind after a long day of hiking or skiing. While you’re body will relax, your mind will be stimulated. All the cocktails here come with a lesson in history. Most of the recipes were concocted from 1800 to 1933. After trying them it’s hard to imagine why any bartender has felt the need to reinvent the wheel since. The bar also hosts jazz musicians that add to the old-school vibe. Hartung recommends this place even if you don’t drink alcohol. It’s a fun experience for everyone.

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